This is the day…

From slips and slops to all good bookshops in just three years…

Since 2019 few things on the planet have gone to plan, and yet, this book, our story, my story and I hope in some sense yours has made it through the vortex of viral and violent twists in our history – which is more than can be said for its particpants, but that’s another story…

This one is now officially for sale. Pick your online vendor here:

There’s a summing up of some key points from me here:

A lovely extract from the book in last Sunday’s Sunday Time’s magazine here:

Cutting edge politcal analysis of the care criss from myself here:

You can listen to the fantastic William Andrews reading the audiobook here:

And for old times sake, here is the 2019 Guardian piece which set the whole thing off:

A startlingly positive review in The Mail

N.B Beware comments section in above…

So now you know what’s a foot – and something of my father’s feet, perhaps. Use yours to visit an earthly bookshop if you like.

Buy multiple copies and have your front room look like mine…

Thank you for reading, thank you for buying. Thank you for letting me briefly sell more books than Tyson Fury. And maybe, like a fighter, we can get back into the ring and take a swing at him again…

This is the day, after all:

The The – This Is the Day (Official Audio) – YouTube

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