Named, Shamed and Defamed.

Nomenclature: noun The devising and choosing of names for things, the body or system of names for things, especially in a specialist field. 

I find myself puzzled by the choices companies make when naming products for the elderly and infirm. I get that marketing this stuff must be hard, no one wants it, after all. These are the things of need. But in a market economy one must make up one’s mind. Nevertheless, given the implied circumstances of your end user, many of these selections seem odd to me.

First noticed it with toilet frames. Behold, “The Harrier”

harrier bird


harrier plane
harrier frame

I mean, come on. The moment when you must accept that you can’t get up off the toilet without assistance is quite a thing. Do we, when facing this, feel enabled by associations with wild, predatory birds? I’ll let you know when it happens. When I bought my dad’s though it did make me laugh, so if that’s what the folks at NRS healthcare are up to here, reverse psychology, fair play indeed. It is a thing though, once you start looking for it. Exhibit 2, “Buckingham. ”

lindsey b
buckinghame frame

Same thing, right? I recognise there are throne associations here and the two principal dwellers of the above abode may well be in grateful receipt of these products (although I note no royal warrants on the websites), and the state pays for both, but still…

I appreciate that users of mobility scooters have reclaimed the narrative and take pride in ironic bumper stickers and the like, but these are indoor things. “The toilet’s on the left, mate. Mind out for the The Buckingham.” “Cheers.”

I’m not singling out NRS healthcare either. It’s rife. Exhibit 3– “Drive”

drive frame

This seems the cruellest of all. They may as well call it sex, or immortality.

6 thoughts on “Named, Shamed and Defamed.

  1. You are cheering me up mate. Reluctant by name but not by nature, Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. I’ve got one toe dipped in the water, my 91 year old man staying for six weeks. Thought I could hack it but finding it hard.


  2. *spitsouttea* Thank you, that was well worth interrupting my emails for. Brilliant! The fun simply goes on… Australian pop goddess or Incontinence chair pad? The Kylie ticks all boxes Or on the theme of ‘Buckingham’ hows abouts the ‘Royale Commode’


  3. Funny and I too have noticed this, there is a person who creates the names for these items. He/she with their marketing degree all excitement and ambitions mellowed as they sit in the bland beige office thinking of names and an impactful marketing plan that really will increase sales of the Hawk.


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